Garden Rules

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What are the garden rules?

Individual Plots:

I will have something planted in the garden by (Spring: End of March/ Fall: End of Sept) and keep it planted all season long.

If I must abandon my plot for any reason, I will notify the garden coordinators.

I will keep weeds at a minimum and maintain the areas immediately surrounding my garden on the NORTH & EAST sides.

If my plot becomes unkempt, the garden coordinators will contact me and I will have two weeks to resolve the issue. If I do not contact the coordinators within that time, my plot will be reassigned.

I will participate in the spring and fall cleanups of the garden.

I will plant tall crops where they will not shade neighboring plots.

I will pick only my own crops unless given permission by another plot user.

I will not use inorganic fertilizers, insecticides or weed repellents that will in any way affect other plots.

I will plant only organic seeds or transplants.

Communal plots:

I agree to 10 volunteer hours, per season, toward community gardening efforts (a total of 20 hours). All tasks are listed at the garden info board and on the TO DO list sent out via email on Signup Genius.

I will pick up my share of the harvest at the appointed time.


I will not block neighbor’s driveways, both in front of and adjacent to, nor will I park on their grass.

I will keep trash and litter out of the plot, as well as from adjacent pathways and fences.

I understand that neither the garden group nor owners of the land are responsible for my actions.

I agree not to swim or participate in water sports on the garden premises.


Gardening Guidelines

Tampa Heights Community Garden is committed to encouraging people to garden in socially and environmentally responsible ways.  It is expected that all plots in the communal area are organic. In general, soil fertility is maintained by creating optimal conditions for soil biological activity through crop rotations and the maintenance of soil organic content. Judicious use of organic and natural mineral soil amendments is also practiced, and in some cases processed mineral fertilizers may be acceptable for short-term use.

Weed Control

Herbicides of any kind are prohibited in ALL plots, as they are hazardous to human health, may kill or damage desirable crops, drift into neighboring gardens, or persist in the soil. Hoeing, mulching, and hand weeding are recommended.

Insect Control

Synthetic insecticides are prohibited in ALL Tampa Heights Community Gardens plots. Preferred control methods are crop rotation, hand picking of insect pests, introduction of predator species, companion planting, and biological controls, e.g. Bacillus thuringiensis, a bacterium that controls cabbage worms. As a last resort, natural botanicals, i.e. rotenone and pyrethrum (that break down quickly and do not leave harmful residues in the soil) may be used. Please consult with the garden coordinators before using any biological or botanical items.

Disease Control

Most problems can be controlled if you maintain healthy soil, choose disease-resistant varieties, and remove diseased plants from the garden. Please consult with the garden coordinators if you are having any issues with diseases in your plot.

Fertilizers and Soil Amendments

Commercial inorganic fertilizers (ie: 5-1–5, Miracle Grow, etc.) are not permitted. Products of plant or animal origin i.e. compost, leaf mold, livestock manure, blood and bone meal, cover crops, fish emulsion, kelp meal, liquid seaweed, and commercial organic fertilizers are acceptable. Natural mineral fertilizers, i.e. greensand, granite dust, and ground limestone are also acceptable. Gardeners are strongly urged to add as much organic material (i.e. compost, leaf mold, and composted manure) as possible to their plots to maintain soil fertility.  A combination of cottonseed meal and blood meal will be available to amend the soil naturally (green tub in the tool shed).

Non-Acceptable Plants

Tampa Heights Community Gardens cannot allow plants with the following characteristics to be grown in any of the gardens without written permission of the Gardening planning team:

Invasive species such as mint, comfrey, etc.

Trees, bushes, or other woody perennials

Illegal or dangerous plants


This is a community space that welcomes everyone who is willing to participate. Thus, to ensure an atmosphere of cooperation and friendship in our garden, we ask everyone to come with an open mind and a willingness to accept all people of a different race, religion, or ethnicity.

To maximize the use of our space and to afford the most opportunity possible for willing workers, it would be best for the plots to be planted by (Spring: End of May/ Fall: End of Sept). Unused plots will be extended to members who are willing to garden it.

The community garden tools are for everyone’s use. We hope that you enjoy them and treat them with respect so that others may use them also. When you are no longer using the tools, please return them to the shed.

We are eager to have young children share in the community garden experience. However, we ask that parents supervise their children since there will be times when it may be difficult to distinguish between member’s plots.

Members are expected to participate in general garden maintenance and upkeep as well as special events such as fund raisers and seasonal openings and closings.

Membership Application

Printed Name:__________________________________________

Address: ______________________________________________

Phone: _________________________ email: ________________

Membership level:   __Individual plot – $45 per year    __ Communal (group) plot – $30 per year
Sponsor: ___  indicate an area you want to sponsor

Committees: (sign up for one):

___Soil/ Mulch   ___Planting/ Harvesting   ___Watering/Irrigation   ___Communication   ___Events/Fundraising   ___Youth Gardening ___Compost    ___Garden Maintenance

I have read/understood and agree to the garden rules:

Signed: ____________________________________________ Date: ________________

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