How can I/we join the garden?

How do I become a member of the Garden? Read on or  click here to download the garden rules in PDF.

Membership forms

The residents of Tampa Heights have envisioned a neighborhood where they live in a safe, healthy, creative community of caring people. The Neighborhood Plan, developed a few years ago, has directed the steps to be taken that will make that vision a reality.

The Neighborhood Plan calls for the development of a community garden.

Tell me more about the garden!

The garden is located at 605 E. Frances Ave, bounded by the Interstate on the east, Grove on the west, three blocks south of Columbus Dr.

The individual plots are 4 x 8 raised beds; 12 x 24 communal plots; butterfly garden, flower garden, herb garden, inter-generational gardening area designed to have easy access for our seniors and children to garden together, community composting, classes on topics of interest such as gardening, cooking, nutrition, as requested by members, celebrations, planting parties, harvest parties; veggie contests. The garden will become a center of community activity.

How can I participate?

There are two membership levels:

 Gardener; $45 yearly donation; provides you with a single 4’ x 8’ plot for you and your family for one year. Requires 2 hours per month in garden maintenance chores.

 Worker Bee; $30 yearly donation; provides you with a share in the harvest planted in the communal plots; requires at least 20 hours of work in the garden during the year.

You can be a sponsor. You can sponsor at any level to support the garden and are invited to attend gardening classes, festivities, receive t-shirts and other great things. Sponsorships enable seniors and children to participate at minimal cost.

For more information:


How do I sign up?

Read and agree to the garden rules on the next page and complete the membership form.  Make check for annual membership fee payable to Tampa Heights Junior Civic Association.  That’s all. Welcome to the community of gardeners!

If you agree to follow these rules you can copy the application, complete it and email it to the garden coordinator,

The donation can be made by sending a check to:
Tampa Heights Junior Civic Association,
P.O. Box 76093, Tampa Fl 33675.

Or by going to the Tampa Heights Junior Civic Association’s Pay Pal link: Donation is $45 per year. Click below:


Please contact the garden coordinator to set up a tour of the garden. If you want to be on the wait list for the next round of plots, email the garden coordinator (see above) so she can put you in line in order of your request.




  1. Gwendolyn Henderson

    Please tell me where I can mail my check and application for a plot in the community garden?


    • Kitty Wallace

      Gwendolyn, are you still interested in joining the Tampa Heights Community Garden? Come to the garden this Saturday and get your plot cleaned and planted. It is Fall Planting Day, Sept. 24….8:00 to noon. we will have plants and seeds and folks who can help you get started.


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